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Arrius was a Roman general, and he appears briefly in Starz original series Spartacus. With names like Maximus and Julius in favor, Arrius fits right in. Arrius m sg ( genitive Arriī or Arrī ); second declension. a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by: Quintus Arrius, a Roman praetor. Arrius: Meaning of Arrius . What does Arrius mean?

Arrius name

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ASSOCIATED WITH greek. His father's name is given as Ammonius. Arius is believed to have been a student at the exegetical school in Antioch , where he studied under Saint Lucian . [8] Having returned to Alexandria, Arius, according to a single source, sided with Meletius of Lycopolis in his dispute over the re-admission of those who had denied Christianity under fear of Roman torture, and was ordained a deacon under the latter's auspices. FASS.se - läkemedelsinformation för vårdpersonal, patienter och veterinärer Your name of Arrius creates a dual nature for you desire to systematize your life to progress step by step, but so frequently, you are taken into new experiences, instability, and change.

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They're delicious and we all call them something different. But what name is the RIGHT name? BuzzFeed Staff THIS IS IMPORTANT WHAT DO YOU CALL THES Nickname or Full Name?

Arrius name

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But what name is the RIGHT name?

Välj mellan premium Arrius Sorbonne av högsta kvalitet. Hur ska jag säga Arrius i Engelska?
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P. Clodius Thrasea Paetus was put to death under Nero (like Gaius Calpurnius Piso, because they are one and the same), and his wife, Arria The Younger, is banished from Rome by Nero (only to return again under Vespasian, and to be banished again, under Arrius Piso was called 'Mountanus' in History. His name was Arrius, which is 'Mars'. In Acts 17:22 they insert Arrius' name by mentioning 'Mars' Hill'.

@akademikerna. Stockholm. Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, Eva Nordmark and Göran Arrius describe how the EU should now proceed.
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Ben-Hur was honored and thankful, but he privately spoke with Arrius and told him that he had to leave for Judea to save And we know this because her ‘Antonina’ name was the feminine form of her father’s alias name of ‘Arrius Antoninus’. The name ‘Antoninus’ was a name created by using one of Arrius Piso’s inherited names (‘Antonius’) and ‘ninus’ (i.e., “baby boy”), which alluded to Arrius Piso as the baby Jesus. The name Adrius means Storm, Strength and is of Lithuanian origin.